Candy lovers know that it’s not just the delicious flavors of candy, or the fun and playful colors and shapes they come in, but also the incredibly attractive sentiment it offers – candy reminds us of happy and carefree times! 

This is why having candy at weddings and other joyful occasions is not just nice, it’s pretty much a must.  And since spring is the season for engagements and weddings, it’s time to stock up on lots of candy.

At Weaver Nut, we understand the significance of good candy, so it’s not a surprise that we carry such a vast assortment of every type of bulk candy imaginable - from pastels to vibrant colors to match any event; from wrapped to unwrapped choices to allow for the flexibility to mix and match, and more!

Candy buffets at wedding receptions or wedding showers continue to be popular as a great way to make any reception décor more colorful and playful.  Plus, who doesn’t like good candy!

2017 wedding trends call for the more relaxed, personal and intimate events.  Instead of traditional sit-down dinners, it’s going to be more about the family style gatherings or cocktail-style receptions.  It’s about mixing and mingling, dancing and eating-when-you'd like, and candy and sweets are a perfect addition to such settings.


Typically, for spring/summer wedding season, color palettes tend to be fresh, bright and fun.  If, for instance, it’s a vintage or retro style wedding, our old fashioned candies will do just the trick.  The color scheme for 2017 will be bold and theme weddings will always be popular among some brides and grooms. 

Wow the brides, or their helpers, when they come to your store, with exciting packages and assortments of candy to choose from for their wedding, so they can say it all with candies. 

We carry candies that meet the highest standards of Kosher certification.  Among hundreds of different candy, you’ll also find many different flavors and styles of wholesale sugar free and carb free candies.   

People love to take home a box of yummy chocolates or a bag of candies, and leave behind shot glasses, DIY and monogrammed favors.  It’s a good idea to have available small cellophane favor bags (10-12 oz. capacity or so) in your store, as the solution to how guests will take the wedding candy home.


Featured here are the fabulous Madelaine Chocolate Gold Miniature Hearts!

So, start stocking up on amazingly flavored, enticingly colored, classic, sophisticated, fun bulk wedding candy and wedding favors candy in all shapes and sizes that will enhance any décor and satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth.  Our wholesale candy is perfect for repackaging and retailing.

And for all the bakers and chefs out there, rest assured you will find chocolate and other baking ingredients that you need to create delicious masterpieces for weddings, engagement parties, and other celebrations. 

Weaver Nut Company, Inc., wholesale supplier you can trust, is in its 42nd year in business proudly offering over 50 categories of delicious and unique bulk candies!

Stock up on Weaver Nut’s top quality wholesale candy today:

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