While Peter searched for a better use of his candle factory, he fell under the spell of a chocolatier’s daughter in his hometown of Vevey, Switzerland. This took him on a different path and soon after, the Peter’s Chocolate brand was born. Since chocolate trade was very competitive, as it still is, Peter quickly realized he needed a product that would stand out.

Prior to the milk chocolate bar’s introduction in 1875, cocoa bar was bitter, chewy and dark.

And chocolatiers couldn’t make it creamier and sweeter with regular milk, as the liquid caused mildew growth. Daniel Peter’s first attempt to blend milk into chocolate was in 1867 and rather unsuccessful. It took about eight more years for the breakthrough.

By adding the condensed milk pioneered by Henri Nestlé, his neighbor, for infant formula, Peter was able to solve that problem - his product was smoother, sweeter and had a longer shelf life.

This was just the sweet beginning.

Peter kept refining his recipe over the next decade, blessing us with his milk chocolate that became an international sensation. Peter’s Chocolate received many medals at expositions, always embraced by the chocolate-loving world.

After a huge success in Europe, Peter’s Chocolate went on to sweeten the new world. By 1908, a Peter’s manufacturing facility was opened in Fulton, New York. Later, Lamont, Corliss and Company purchased the company, which would become Nestlé’s Chocolate Company in 1951 - showing how very small the world of chocolate can be.

In 2002 Cargill, Inc. purchased the Peter’s brand. The tradition of producing milk chocolate from whole milk crumb in accordance with Daniel Peter’s original method continues.

The Peter’s Chocolate line includes a wide variety of high quality chocolates and related products, used by confectioners, chocolatiers, bakers, chefs, and ice cream manufacturers in 50 states and Canada.

From decadent Peter’s chocolate to Peter’s Caramel, including Bulk & Liquid Caramel Loaf and Liquid Caramel Pail, there are delicious products for everyone’s taste and need.

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Article Source: http://www.peterschocolate.com/pages/history.html