Our customers and fans are often asking about our Top Ten Most Popular brands, so here they are, listed in alphabetical order:

ADM/Merckens ~ Known for consistent and superior quality, the Merckens brand of chocolate has been used by premium chocolate retail confectioners in North America since 1921. Rainbow Wafers of pretty much any imaginable color, Marquis & Yucatan Break UP Chocolates, have all been our customers’ favorites for many years!

Albanese ~ the fun and playful products consisting of gummies and candies, for any occasion and just because! Their unique and flavorful springtime gummies are perfect for your Easter basket. From Assorted Gummie “Albunnies” to other fun shapes, from Chocolate Covered Gummies to Yogurt Covered Animal Pretzels, Albanese sweets we carry are a great addition to any party or a movie night!

Arcor ~ confectionary from Argentina known for their unmistakably good tasting candy. Children, teenagers and kids in all of us enjoy Arcor Hard Candies, Bubble Gum Deluxe Pops, Toffee, Fruit Chews and Bon Bons, Wrapped Discs and Button Candy in various flavors. They also make an ideal add-on to any gift!

Ashers ~ Where to begin? From Chocolate Covered Smores and Marshmallows, Chocolate Figaros and all kinds of Fudges, their famous Chocolate Cherry Cordials, gourmet Chocolate truffles, to Designer Chocolate Gift Boxes, they are the manufacturer of top-notch chocolate covered Kosher treats. Also, for those of you who prefer or need sugar-free products, we carry over 50 of their sugar free sweets, such as Sugar Free Dark Chocolate Covered Cashew Caramel Patty and Sugar Free Dark Chocolate Vanilla Butter Creams, to name some of our customer’s favorites. You’ll just have to browse through our wide selection and pick your own favorite, or favorites!

Barry Callebaut ~ Finest Belgian Chocolate that is any Confectioners dreamland (whether he/she is a beginner or seasoned). Not only does it still have its great taste and legendary workability, but also the chocolate you love working with and enjoy savoring is actually made with 100% sustainably cultivated cocoa beans! We have everything you need for your next chocolate experiment (or your recipe, unless your kids are your sous chefs)!

Ferrara ~ Founded in 1908 by Salvatore Ferrara, fresh from Italy, as Ferrara Candy Company. Their Jaw Breakers, Atomic Fire Balls, Gummie and Jelly Hearts are some of the all-time favorites!

Haribo ~ The history of the now world-famous company began in the backyard kitchen in 1920. Their yummy fruit flavored Gummies are delicious, their Gummie Frogs and Alphabet Letter Gummies quite special, and everyone loves their famous Gold Bears and Cola Gummies, known as the “Big Cola flavor in the world’s smallest bottle”!

Land of The Gummies ~ Dinosaurs and Penguins, Sharks and Starfish, Crocodiles… How much easier it would be if all scary animals were made out of gummy candy like these Land & Sea Gummies! Everyone will find something they like (or something that will help them overcome their animal phobia) among those colorful gummies! There are even Eyes and Bones and Fried Egg Gummies! Explore the world of gummies.

Weaver Chocolates & Mixes ~ our own high quality products, ranging from Chocolate Covered Nuts and Fruits to Chocolate Covered Malt Balls and Peppermint Puffs, from Deluxe Mixes of Dried Fruit to every imaginable combination of Snack Mixes, including various Health Mixes. Browse today and get acquainted with so many people’s favorites! Also, we invite you to learn more about our family-owned business by going to our About Us page.

Wilbur Chocolate ~ manufacturing chocolate since late 1880-ies, this company has satisfied many taste buds with their Chocolate Drops, wafers the famous Wilbur Buds along with other chocolate products, including wafers that are great for chocolate fountains! Also, we carry different types of their cocoa powder that are ideal for creating a baked goodness or a perfect hot chocolate drink!

Now take your sweet time exploring our site and discovering or revisiting all the great products Weaver Nut has to offer. And if you haven’t already, check us out on Facebook and Twitter for more sweet, spicy and nutty news, ideas and other tid-bits!