Since trust is the foundation of a healthy, prosperous, and continuing business relationship, as a retailer, you know that your success will depend on having a trustworthy wholesale supplier.  

When you work with a less than ideal supplier you are faced with poor and/or inconsistent quality of products, late and/or missed orders, and other challenges that negatively affect your business. 

When you work with a trusted wholesale supplier, however, you can rely on consistent and timely supply of a vast array of highest quality products, and your retail business can thrive.


Weaver Nut Company, Inc., has been around for 40 years as an Importer & Distributor of Candies, Chocolates & Confections, Dried Fruits, Nuts, Coffees & Teas, Spices, Snacks and Bulk Foods from around the world. 

Ever since we began in 1975 as Weaver Bulk Foods in the basement of the family home, we have been providing retailers with reliability, excellent service and the finest products. 

When a retailer is considering a wholesale supplier, the topmost deciding qualities should include:

  • Quality of Products
  • Finest Selection of Products
  • Consistency
  • Food Safety 
  • Distribution and Delivery
  • Order Turnaround Time
  • Great Prices
  • Guarantee of Satisfaction
  • Customer Service


At Weaver Nut Company, Inc., we take great pride in cultivating those qualities that have given us the superb reputation of a wholesale supplier that you can trust. 

Weaver Nut buys directly from trusted processors known in the industry for using the latest technology to ensure products are graded and processed in consistent and safe manner.  This means you can have a peace of mind knowing that both food safety and quality are a big part of our focus, which ultimately minimizes risks of recalls and unexpected expenses.

The bottom line is, we ensure your products are safe and protected; we effectively and efficiently deliver your orders; you can even pick up the phone and order the product you need and have it shipped the same day.  And, every team member receives in depth training, so they know our products and processes really well. 

When it comes to customer service, Weaver Nut is happy to say our customer service representatives are top of the line.  They actually get to know and work closely with our customers, as they offer assistance with selecting and ordering specific products.  Also, rest assured a real person will answer your call and treat you the way you would want to be treated and assisted - with quality, integrity and enthusiasm!

Another very important element of trust you can place in Weaver Nut is that, as a large distributor of food products, our prices are very competitive in our industry and we strive as much as possible to maintain the stability of the prices throughout the year.

Start 2016 with extreme confidence, so you can experience consistent business growth in the New Year - make sure you partner with a successful and dependable wholesaler - rely on Weaver Nut and our 100% 'Satisfaction Guarantee'.

Your search for an efficient and reputable wholesale supplier can end right here.  Shop Weaver Nut’s wide selection of wholesale snacks, chocolate, nuts, coffee and much more today.