World's Largest Gumball - Shield Your Eyes If You Have A Weak Stomach!!                                                           

Gumballs never seem to be out of fashion.  Kids like to make them; some even like to play with them.  But, creating as large of a gumball as you can? 

One man actually collected his chewed up gum.  The purpose?  To sculpt a huge gumball! 

It took Barry Chappell, of Los Angeles CA, six years to create a colossal gumball weighing 175 pounds and measuring 62" in circumference, sculpted entirely of chewed Nicorette gum.   

This giant ball that cost $30,000, is the World’s Largest Chewed Gumball, according to World Record Academy.

Chappell used to be a heavy smoker until fifteen years ago when his son was born.  He immediately turned to Nicorette gum to help him quit smoking.

What started as a promise to his family soon became an unusual and unforeseen adventure, that began on a long flight to Europe in 2006.

Not having where to discard a chewed piece of gum, Chappell rolled it into a tiny ball.

As layer upon layer of his medicated gum kept being added throughout the flight to the original small ball, by the time the plane landed Chappell pledged to create the world's largest gumball!

"What started out as kind of a joke between my daughter and me has turned into a really fun project over the last few years," said Chappell.

95,200 pieces of Nicorette gum later, Chappell has reached his goal.  

Ripley's Believe It Or Not! presented him with their first-ever award for the World's Largest Medicated Gumball.

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