Jordan Almonds, enjoyed by millions of people and picked by many future brides and grooms to be a part of their wedding, are almonds that are sugar roasted in assorted pastel colors.  

It is believed that Jordan Almonds originated in Ancient Rome, where honey-covered almonds were commonly served during various festivities.  In 15th century sugar became more readily available, so honey for coating nuts was replaced by sugar.   

And the name for this almond candy?  

One version says that the term "Jordan" most likely comes from the French word “jardin”, meaning "garden", therefore the use of cultivated rather than wild almond. 

Another version suggests that the term “Jordan” referred to almonds originally grown along the Jordan River, a variety characterized by long, slender, and pretty smooth kernels protected by thick, heavy shells.

A classic form of dragée and comfit, Jordan almonds are also known as mlabas, sugared almonds, confetti, or koufeta.    

Jordan Almonds’ role in the world of treats is far from typical.  They are a frequent guest at many weddings, birthdays, reunions, and other celebrations, and - they carry a symbolic message with them!

Due to their lovely appearance, meanings attached to them, and delicious flavors, in addition to weddings, they are often part of candy buffets, hostess gifts, and other events and celebrations. 

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