Brand Spotlight: Claeys Candy

For more than 90 years and three generations, the Claeys family has been producing fine sugared confections with a lot of pride and care.

Their candy factory produces about 15 to 16 thousand pounds a day, in a “continuous cook operation.” Two shifts of candy-makers keep the sweet candy line going 16 hours a day!

Claeys Candy is still around and better than ever, thanks to pure, natural flavors used to create candy - the old-fashioned way.

For example, Claeys horehound herb candy is still brewed and steeped in huge copper kettles to enhance the natural flavor of this candy.

Or, to make their zesty Claeys Candy lemon drops, California lemons are used to add natural flavor. Another great benefit of their lemon drop candies - they naturally relieve dryness and sooth your throat.

Claeys Candy comes in many flavors, some of which are not your typical candy flavors – another reason why they have such a great fan base!

In addition to the unique taste of horehound herb candy, which also do a good job of helping stifle coughs, Claeys Candy natural drops and squares come with healthy dusting of sugar in other unique flavors, such as sassafras, clove, cinnamon, and anise.

Claeys Candies are great on-the-go little treats, will satisfy your sweet tooth quickly, and make wonderful gifts, or gift add-ons, for almost any occasion.

Share these quality candies with confidence with your family, friends, employees and clients. They will appreciate the delicious taste and may indulge in sharing some lovely memories from their childhood.

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