Parties with different theme colors are very popular, and what’s better than a candy-themed party?

Highlight the color theme of your special event with colorful wholesale candy in wonderful hues - and add a visually appealing and sweet note to your party. 

Using colored rock candies in bulk will enhance any color-themed party, create the desired atmosphere and look for your event, as well as create the wonderful memories that will also look great on photographs and videos!

Color coordinated rock candies will beautifully compliment your wedding colors.  Rock candy sticks will also make great wedding favors, and can be monogrammed or personalized with details.

Rock candies on a stick bring back the nostalgia of our childhoods, as well as some bright new colors and flavors that will combine the old and the new in an amazing way. 

Rock Candy on a Stick by Espeez is the most colorful and flavorful Rock Candy available.  Both kids and adults love looking through the clear sugar crystals with wide-open eyes and big smiles as they savor them.   

For birthday parties and other celebrations, rock candies and lollipops can be used as "flowers" in "vases" (use SOLO cups in the theme color of the party, or elegant vases for more formal events) on the tables.  

Just imagine - magnificent crystal-like rock candies playfully arranged and looking so good on displays.

Some people say that everything tastes better on a stick.  So get this lovely looking Light Blue Rock Candy on a Stick in a delicious Cotton Candy flavor for a light-blue themed-party candy buffet.  They can also be used to decorate a cake.

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White Rock Candy on a Stick is perfect for weddings and other events for which the white color is simply the most magnificent color.  Deliciously sugar flavored, it will satisfy sugar cravings perfectly. 

Pink Rock Candy on a Stick, for instance, will be just what little princesses will want for their birthday parties.  They are cherry flavored and very charming looking. 


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Also, for those who are fascinated with rocks and crystals, Rock Candies on a Stick will enhance their engagement, graduation, or any other type of special party in an enchanted way.

Blue Rock Candy on a Stick, in blue raspberry flavor, is perfect for a boy’s birthday, baby shower, or, for a nautical theme party.

Let’s look at some other attractive colored rock candies to use for color-specific themed parties: there’s the Green Rock Candy on a Stick in green apple flavor, Light Green Rock Candy on a Stick in watermelon flavor, Orange Rock Candy on a Stick in orange flavor, Purple Rock Candy on a Stick in grape flavor, and Red Rock Candy on a Stick in strawberry flavor.

Rock candy sticks will add a festive and delicious sparkle to any candy buffet, party favor bag, events and holiday displays.

Espeez brand Rock Candy sticks wholesale come in a 36 ct. tub; each stick is about 6 inches long and wrapped in a crystal clear package.


They are ideal for repackaging for candy tables and gifts, for specific themed parties featuring candy of certain color(s) and flavor(s).  So stock up today on delicious and colorful rock candy and rock candy sticks, and get all the rock candy boxes and rock candy display boxes you need.

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